Philadelphia Liberty Tennis Association

P.O. Box 1794

Philadelphia, PA 19105


President: Jamal D Barksdale

Vice President: Mike Shore

Treasurer: Shannon Storm

Secretary: Greg Garvey

Administrative Director: John DuBois

Communications Director: Steve Ludovico

Social Director: Seth Pamperin Berger


Time & Location:

Saturday & Sunday

FDR Park

Philadelphia Liberty Tennis Association was founded in January 2008.  

We are affiliated with the national Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance,  OPAL and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) as a Community Tennis Association.


PLTA’s mission is to promote tennis among the GLBT community and its supporters in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.  We also promote camaraderie and community spirit through social functions and events.  

We are organized by volunteers, including our board of directors and other PLTA members who volunteer on committees.    


While most members join PLTA to play tennis, we also accept dues-paying social members, who come to events to cheer on their tennis-playing friends. We are also seeking businesses to sponsor our league, see Sponsorship Opportunities.  We welcome members of all backgrounds and abilities