Stonewall Sports

Dodgeball c/o Joe Peltzer 267-324-1887

Kickball c/o Adam Beck

Volleyball c/o Justin Nordell





     League Manager:  Joe Peltzer

     Operations Director:  Hunter Goga

     Head Referee: Matt Care


     League Manager: Adam Beck

     Operations Director:  Grant Shea

     Head Referee: Mike Walsh


     League Manager: Justin Nordell



Stonewall Sports - Philadelphia is a non-profit organization focused on enhancing the quality of life in the LGBT community of Philadelphia by providing a fun, welcoming and social atmosphere for athletic competition.  We aim to change lives while giving back to local charities through financial contributions.  Stonewall Sports began in Washington, D.C. in 2010 with Stonewall Kickball.  In 2014, Stonewall Kickball - Philadelphia was founded, with 9 teams competing in the summer of 2014.  By September, 17 teams were competing in two leagues and the organization quickly expanded to include dodgeball and volleyball leagues.  Today, there are 32 teams that play in Stonewall Kickball and the three-sport organization boasts more than 1,100 registered members since May 2014.  In November 2014, Stonewall Kickball - Philadelphia was named "Best LGBT Sports Organization" by the Philadelphia Gay News.

Dodgeball                                                                    Kickball                                                                         Volleyball

Time & Location:                                                        Time & Location:                                                         Time & Location:

Sundays 1- 5 p.m.                                                       Sundays                                                                        Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30 - 10 p.m.   

January through March                                             May through October                                                 January through April

St. Paul's Community Center                                    Maroni Plaza                                                               Parkway Center City High School

1018 Wallace Street, Philadelphia, PA                     Broad and Oregon Streets, Philadelphia PA          540 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia PA