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If you’ve attended a Gay Games before, then you already know the grand event that the opening ceremonies are, and the excitement of all the teams from cities around the world marching in together.  If you haven’t, it is an impressive event, and it’s amazing to be part of the gathering before, the grand entrance march into, and then the event itself.  Our hosts in Paris have a fantastic evening planned for us at the Stade Jean Bouin, where the french professional rugby team plays(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stade_Jean-Bouin), with exceptional entertainment. (https://www.paris2018.com/festivities-list/)

The plan is to provide the opportunity to all the athletes and attendees from the Metro Philadelphia Area to march in together as a team.  We will be providing shirts to wear and pins to trade (at no cost to you) - and trading either or both is a great way to meet fellow athletes and attendees from around the globe.

But we need to plan and we need your help.  Please let us know with 
1. whether you are interested in joining team OPAL Philadelphia in marching in to the stadium with throngs of fellow athletes and 2. if so what size shirt you would like.  

You can also visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OPALsports/  where we will list events, travel info and news from the gay games.  In years past we have also hosted a post-games party to celebrate victories and share experiences from the great gay games that have come before.

Hope to hear from and meet you all soon!

Best regards
Joe Bland

Gay Games Paris Coordinator
Out Philadelphia Athletic League



Lez Run was created by lesbian runners for lesbian runners and all members of the LGBTQ community and their friends and family. Lez Run welcomes all skill levels from beginner to pro!!!


Lez Run meets 2x per week, Wednesdays and Sundays, rain or shine, but within reason of course. Wednesdays they meet in the city at 2300 Market Street at 6:15 p.m. and do up to 4 miles in distance. Sunday runs will take place at the Wissahickon trails on Forbidden Drive.  The group will meet at the Wissahickon Trails, location and time to be determined.  This run will be mostly trail running and mileage is open but no less than 3 (challenge yourself).  Lez Run aims to run local, out of state and out of the country races to represent the community and show off its skills! Lez Run will train together for upcoming races and help each other reach personal goals.  Besides running, the group also likes to socialize and meet for happy hours, pasta dinners and after run brunch.  Please keep in mind the group is not a dating site, but runners are hot so it is understood if it happens ;-).  Lez Run's focus is to provide LGBTQ  athletes (newbies and vets) a safe, supportive and healthy outlet via running.  Finally a place where you can freely talk about loosing a toe nail, chafing cream, carbo loading, cold weather running, Garmin watches and that strange feeling you get when you miss a run.  So grab your running sneaks but leave your inhibitions at home and join us because running just got gayer!


http://www.meetup.com/Lez-Run-Philadelphia/, Facebook